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Teams Live Events

Teams Live EventsTeams live events is an extension of Teams meetings, enabling users to broadcast video and meeting content to a large online audience. In this one-hour online session, learn how to:…

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MBA 590 Ghana Immersion Capstone_Dr Armah_2021.10.27

MBA 590 Ghana Immersion Capstone 2021.10.27

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Fostering Creative Thinking (BADM 590) Summer 2019 Live Session

11:00 AM Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Research-Live! Enter today.

Your challenge...give an engaging presentation, showing the impact of your work, for a general audience in just 3 minutes! ⏱️ Enter today! Illinois…

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2017 Research Live! 1st Place: Laura Adamovicz - Turtles in Trouble

"Applications of Health Assessment for Conservation" (Comparative Biosciences) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Laura is a long-term lover of all things scaly…

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2017 Research Live! 2nd Place: Elizabeth Davis - Stem Cells & Cancer

"Your Brain is Talking Directly to Your Stem Cells" (Neuroscience) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Can the sympathetic nervous system be used to stop cancer?…

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2017 Research Live! 3rd Place: Payel Kundu - Licorice Helps Brain Aging

"Harnessing Plant Compounds to Promote Healthy Aging" (Neuroscience) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Can eating more licorice root help brain aging? Payel…

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2017 Research Live! People’s Choice: Robby Goldman - Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

"Unearthing the Secrets of Volcanic Eruptions" (Geology) #ResearchLIVE #2017ResearchLIVE #UniversityofILLINOIS Robby a volcanologist wants to predict where and when the next volcano…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Derek Jung - Seeing further or more clearly

On the shoulder of giants. We may see further…but do we see more clearly? Derek researches constrained motion in space aka sub-Riemannian manifold geometry. (Mathematics) #ResearchLIVE…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Jenny Peruski (Art History) - Sandals & Culture

"People were always imaging themselves as much more." Jenny studies the spread of Islam in East Africa by looking at how sandals operate as product of social interaction, expression and…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Adrienne Ertel (Astronomy) - How Star Dust Gets To Earth

Oh no, astronomy can kill! Luckily Adrienne is researching how star dust is transported to Earth. She models dust grains’ interactions with supernova remnants and the ISM (interstellar medium).…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: SreeKalyan Patiballa - Auxetics Materials & Pizza

When Auxetics materials are stretched, instead of getting thinner they expand and become “like a deep dish pizza.” SreeKalyan designs engineered materials such as compliant mechanisms,…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Cassandra Nikolaus – Food Insecurity on Campus

Cassandra, a first-generation college student, studies community nutrition and food insecurity on campus. Accuracy in measurement is crucial to helping students who don't know where their next…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Sarvagya Sharma – Diamonds, Physicist’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a physicist’s best friend. They are a great host for Nitrogen-vacancy centers and studying the neutron Electric Dipole Moment (nEDM). Sarvagy also says the centers can get…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Kartik Hegde – Fast Real-Time Video

Real-time video understanding by AI and deep neural networks is extremely important! Think: self-driving cars. Kartik is making sure our mobile phone chips are up for the task. (Computer Science)…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Elizabeth Maxwell - Chemotherapy Beads for Cats

Elizabeth has developed “chemotherapy beads“ for locally aggressive cancer in cats - which are applied directly to the tumors (Soft Tissue Sarcomas). She is a veterinarian and small…

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2017 Research Live! Finalist: Huanci Hu - Atmospheric Rivers & Flooding

Huanci studies Atmospheric Rivers (AR) which are “rivers” of water vapor in the atmosphere. She has built models to better predict flood risk in the Pacific Coast of the Western United…

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Live Channel for NCSA's Wirecast Broadcasting

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