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MCB 493: Virology (advanced course video)

Microbiology professor Chris Brooke talks about his course MCB 493: Virology.

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MCB 493 REM Research Experience in Microbiology (advanced course video)

Microbiology professor Asma Hatoum-Aslan speaks about her course MCB 493 REM: Research Experience in Microbiology.

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MCB 431: Microbial Physiology (advanced course video)

Microbiology professor Paola Mera talks about her course MCB 431: Microbial Physiology.

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MCB 426: Bacterial Pathogenesis (advanced course video)

Microbiology professor Thomas Kehl-Fie talks about his course MCB 426: Bacterial Pathogenesis.

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MCB PhD Program: Meet a few of our students

The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology offers PhD degrees in Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular and Integrative Physiology. Hear more from our students…

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