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The Science of Self Care Series: Food

This episode of The Science of Self Care Series, brought to you by Funk ACES Library, gives you tips on how to fuel yourself during finals week, including answers to the age old debate between coffee…

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2021 Marketing Package: Home Food Preservation

Illinois Extension Nutrition and Wellness educators reached 1.8 million with their marketing efforts for the Fill Your Pantry: Home Food Preservation webinar series and 31 Days of Home Food…

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Clip of Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Fresh from the Farmers Market

Tempted to go to the Farmers Market but not sure why or how? Learn why it’s better for you and your local economy to shop at the Farmers Market first! Get to know the farmer who…

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Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Sample the Season

What kind of fruits and vegetables should you expect when you arrive at an Illinois farmers market? Learn how to prepare these fruits and vegetables and get inspiration for ways to use them at the…

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Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Services GMT20210421-162835_Recording

Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Services CSA, short for Community Supported Agriculture, is a subscription-based service for buying from local farmers. Learn more about different styles…

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Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Services

Eat Fresh, Eat Local: Community Supported Agriculture Subscription Services CSA, short for Community Supported Agriculture, is a subscription-based service for buying from local farmers. Learn more…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Focus on Fiber

Focus on fiber to fight disease! We can all benefit from incorporating more fiber-rich foods into our diet, but most Americans are missing the mark. Not only does a high-fiber diet promote heart…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Facts on Fats

Fats provide body fuel, help absorb some nutrients, and add flavors to foods. In this session, we will discuss types of fats and their roles in heart health and explore ways to adapt recipes to be…

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Healthy Eats for a Healthy Beat: Scoop on Sodium

Do you or someone you care for have high blood pressure? Have you been told to “cut back on sodium”? Join us for this webinar and learn what sodium is and how to identify high-sodium…

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This is a brief sample of what our unit accomplished over the course of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, we still thrived and served our communities!

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Eat Well Shop Smart Teaser Video for Unit 8

This is a marketing video created for the Healthy Cents curriculum.

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1. NEF Intro (small)

Introduction to Sustainable Systems (part 1 of 5) A tour of in Malawi, Africa for UIUC Food Science & Human Nutrition course in October 2020. Stacia Nordin, RD works for…

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Health at Home Holiday Edition: Making a List and Checking It Twice

Feeling overwhelmed with the holiday season? Take back control and stay on track as you reign in some of the chaos by making a list. Join us to learn simple steps you can take to decrease stress and…

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Balancing Extra Calories through the Holidays

Is the Elf on the Shelf hiding extra calories in your holiday foods? Learn some tips to enjoy your favorites along with a dash of physical activity. Keep your tinsel toes moving into the new year!

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To Your Health!: Parsing Trustworthy Food Science and Nutrition Information

This is the video of the To Your Health: Parsing Trustworthy Food Science and Nutrition Information session

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Dietary Defense: How nutrition Can Impact Immunity

COVID-19 has caused a sizeable increase to the already leading cause of infectious disease mortality in the world: viral respiratory infections. Luckily for us, there are steps we can take to…

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Cancer Center at Illinois: October 2020 Faculty Seminar Series

Hosted in collaboration with the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium (Big Ten CRC) Grand Rounds, this seminar series features CCIL scientists discussing their latest cancer research innovations to…

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2020 Managing Diabetes in a Modern World: Take the First Step

Take the First Step You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, what do you do next? What’s the new norm? Do I really have to say goodbye to sweets? In our series kick-off, we will dive into…

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Get the Facts on Nutrition: Know your labels

Do you ever feel confused by all of the nutrition information out there? Join Leila Shinn, MS, RDN, FAND to learn…

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Presentation_Inflammation and Arthritis: The Basics of Arthritis

Arthritis affects the lives of more than 54 million adults in the US with more than 21 million having osteoarthritis. This class will provide an overview of the three most common types of arthritis…

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Taste the Rainbow: A brief Overview of Carotenoids in Your Diet, Body, and Life

Nature and the foods we eat encompass a wide spectrum of colors. But what is responsible for the colors we eat? In this seminar, we will discuss carotenoids: what they are, where we see them in our…

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The role of Genetics/Epigenetics in the Relationship between Nutrition and Cognitive Aging

The genes you inherit influence almost every aspect of your health and wellness. But, did you know that you could modify this effect with what you eat? Join?neuroscience researcher Mickeal Key for…

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Health at Home: Cooking for One

Single-person households are on the rise and forecast to grow over the next 15 years! Cooking for one can be creative and rewarding with or without leftovers. Indulge, choose what you like to cook,…

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Nutrition & Wellness into Adulthood

In this session, we will be addressing the benefits of nutrition on cognitive function into adulthood while presenting evidence for physical activity benefits on brain health.

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