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KCH Lecture

Technology Design to Support Health and Successful Aging, with Dr. Wendy Rogers

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Staying Sharp: Maintaining Brain Health As You Age

Aging is inevitable, but there are many things we can do to maintain brain health as we get older. Join neuroscientist Mickeal Key to learn about how and why the brain…

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Presentation_Inflammation and Arthritis: The Basics of Arthritis

Arthritis affects the lives of more than 54 million adults in the US with more than 21 million having osteoarthritis. This class will provide an overview of the three most common types of…

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Discover Healthy Aging Series - I'm Positive, I'm Aging

What is the secret to successful aging? In the first webinar of four, participants explore the characteristics of positive aging through discussion on ageism and the many surprising similarities of…

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The role of Genetics/Epigenetics in the Relationship between Nutrition and Cognitive Aging

The genes you inherit influence almost every aspect of your health and wellness. But, did you know that you could modify this effect with what you eat? Join?neuroscience researcher Mickeal Key…

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